Swine herbal health supplement

Anfatone, is a herbal health improver supplement which is used among swine and pigs for increasing their health and body growth. This supplement helps in providing all the desired health condition which is essentially needed. In growing stage there is a vital need of proper supplementation by which better growth and health is achieved without any health-related problems. Low quality of feed or improper supplementation can affect the health. In this situation this herbal tonic “Anfatone” is used which helps in recovering out from this problem. It is an adequate mixture of various and important herbal extracts which helps In achieving better health.

  1. Removes mal-absorption syndrome.
  2. Improves Non-uniform growth.
  3. Removes general weakness and debility.
  4. Cures poor intake of feed.
  5. Improves retarded growth.
  6. Removes stress.

For Swine & Pigs

Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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