Veterinary calcium supplement

Calcium is an essential element which is widely used in proving stronger bones and better skeletal integrity in swine & pigs. Its deficiency can cause various health related problems. Some of the problem caused are painful bones, deformities and slow growth. Calcium is obtained from the milk and feed which the swine eat. The feed provides all the vital nutrients and essential minerals which aids better development. Along with the feed there is also a need of calcium supplement which removes calcium deficiency and stop it from coming back. Calorie Plus, is a commonly used veterinary calcium tonic used in swine and pigs for calcium deficiency. It’s composition consist of Calcium gluconate, Calcium phosphate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin 12 with other vital element which not only removes calcium deficiency but also provides better health and body growth.

  1. Prevents rickets, osteomalacia, slow growth, lameness etc.
  2. Enhances body growth, health & activeness.
  3. Better Feed Conversion ratio.
  4. Removes calcium deficiency.

For Swine & Pigs

For Swine Kids: 12ml/Animal/Day.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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