Swine phytase feed enzymes

Feed is the main source of various types of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients for swine and pigs. A feed must be broken down into smaller pieces and molecules which can gets absorbed in the digestive tract in order to extract vital nutrients from the feed. The breakdown and digestion of the feed in the gut of pig is achieved through the use of enzymes which are secreted by the different glands, stomach, pancreas and small intestines. When the feed is completely digested and vital nutrients of it are extracted a pig’s body enjoys all the nutrients which are required by the body for promoting better health and body development. Enzymes are mostly used when the amount of fibre is in an excess amount in the feed which the digestive system of the swine is not able in digesting it completely. There are various forms of fibre in the pig’s diet which when not digested properly can cause various problems in the body and health problems. In this situation, we can use external swine feed enzymes along with the feed which helps in proper digestion of the feed and helps in extracting all the vital nutrients from the feed which promotes a healthier body. These complex feed enzymes help in the breakdown of the carbohydrates, proteins, phytate, fibre etc. There are several enzymes like carbohydrases, proteases, and phytase which aids better digestion. “Anphytase” is one of the widely used phytase enzymes.

  1. Releases phytase bond phosphorus from plant feed stuff in the feed ration.
  2. Improves mineral protein utilization.
  3. Increases phosphorus availability of feed reduces DCP addition releases minerals for assimilation.
  4. Removes weakness and phosphorus deficiency.
  5. Prevent leg related disorders.

For Swine & Pigs

150-200gm/Ton of feed.

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