goat and sheep vitamin and mineral mixtures.

Vitamin and mineral are two basic elements that are heavily required by the body which helps them in maintaining better health and growth of body. In goat and sheep there, requirement is high and they need it in more quantity for better health so as they can provide milk, meat, wool and other products for which they are mainly farmed. Goat and sheep have the ability to withstand and survive in the hardest environment. Also, their digestion ability is very excellent in dealing with high fibrous and cellulose diets as these animals mainly live on eating grass and other fibrous substances. All the nutrients that are required to the body come from the feed which the goats take. Better feed means better nutritional value which leads to better health. When the amount of feed intake becomes low which usually happens due to some disease present in the body. In this case the right and required amount of nutritional value that is required by the body is not fulfilled and there is a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body which causes many deficiencies and health-related problems. For the fulfillment of these, there is a need for vitamin and mineral supplement which helps in covering the deficiency. Vitagin is one of them which is a mineral mixture of various vitamins, chelated minerals with other elements.

  1. Helps in better health and growth.
  2. Removes vitamin deficiency.
  3. Better Fertility in females.
  4. Better strengths.
  5. Enhance stress-bearing capacity.
  6. Better FCR.

For Goats & Sheep

Goat Kids/Lambs: 5gm/Animal/Day.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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