Horse herbal ruminal medicine

Ruminotorics are the agents and mixtures that promotes the fermentation and motility. These are used during indigestion or constipation. A feed is first getting breakdown in the rumen which helps in the extraction of vital nutrients and minerals to the body. Ruminal acidifying agents are used to treat ruminal stasis or simple indigestion as well as acute ammonia poisoning. Better digestion provides better health and growth to the body. It the feed lets undigested in the rumen it can cause severe health problems like bloating, constipation, etc. It also cause Ruminal parakeratosis, a disease which can cause hardening and enlargement of papillae of the rumen. To remove these problems there is a need to provide supplement along with the feed which helps in better digestion and improves the functioning of rumen. “Rumicure” is a widely used herbal medicine for ruminotoric problems which is a purely herbal supplement and its composition consist of Zingiber Officinale, piper nigrum, Terminalia Chebula & Tinospora with added advantage of Indian herbs like Embelia ribes, Cumin Seeds, Allium sativum with added chelated minerals.

  1. Helps in better secretion of saliva and digestive enzymes for effective digestion of feed.
  2. Optimizes ruminal pH and maintains perfect microflora in the rumen for better digestion.
  3. Better Feed utilization by better enzymatic activity.
  4. Improves strength of the animals by providing better immunity.
  5. Provides comfort in the digestive tracts.

For Horse


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