Herbal Liver tonic

Liver is a vital organ which is crucial in improving health. It helps in stimulating and metabolizing organs for a better and effective health. It protects the body from external attacks of different microbes and pathogens. It aids in removing the harmful toxin and waste products from the blood. It also aids in better digestion of the feed which helps in the extraction of the vital nutrients form the feed. To avail the best health condition there is a need of better liver health by which we can avail this. We can use liver supplement along with the feed which helps in getting this. We can use “Natural Liver Tonic” a potent mixture of natural liver extracts along with organic liver stimulating minerals fortified with vitamin which aids in better functioning of liver and removing liver problems for a better health.

  1. Ensures better functioning of liver.
  2. Detoxify harmful toxins.
  3. Helps in proper secretion of Enzymes.
  4. Protect liver against toxic effects.
  5. Fast regeneration of liver cells and tissues.
  6. Achieve faster growth.

For Horse & Equine

Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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