Iron tonic and Supplement for horse.

Iron is an essential element which is used in various physical activity, especially in the production of haemoglobin and myoglobin. These substance binds the oxygen in the blood and transport throughout the whole body. Iron is needed for better health and growth in horses and equines. Generally during growing period horse kids has a low level of iron in their body which and there is a need of external iron supplement along with the feed which removes iron deficiency and promotes a better health. The amount of iron present in the body depends upon the season, breed, level of different feed and water. The deficiency of iron in the body can cause disrupts in blood circulation and production, anaemia, weakness etc. In this case and to remove iron deficiency from it there is need of better iron supplement which helps in removing iron deficiency from the body. In this situation there is a need of proper supplementation of iron along with the feed to remove its deficiency and promotes health. “Feton” is one of the used iron tonics for this. It is a unique combination of folic acid, biotin, nicotinamide etc. folic acid, biotin, nicotinamide etc.

  1. Increase the blood formation.
  2. Improves haemoglobin in blood.
  3. Enhance body growth and health.
  4. Better fertility.
  5. Maintains red blood cells.
  6. Folic acids help in the growth of red blood cells.
  7. Cures fatty liver syndrome.

For Horse & Equine

Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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