Horse feed enzymes

Feed is the ultimate source of all kinds of nutrients which helps in achieving better health and body growth. When these feed gets broken into smaller pieces into gut it releases different types of vitamins and minerals that are helpful in achieving better health. Better digestion process provides better breakdown of the feed and extraction of nutrients. The digestion is achieved through the use of digestive enzymes which are secreted by the organs and glands in the body. The main feed of horses and equine are grasses and hays in which the quantity of fibre is high and there is the need of digestive enzymes which helps in the breakdown of these fibre. Undigested fibre or feed in the gut or stomach can create health related problems and other digestive problems too. To removes these health problems and aids better digestion there is a need of external horse feed enzymes along with the feed which aids in better digestion of the feed and improves health. These complex feed enzymes help in the breakdown of the carbohydrates, proteins, phytate, fibre etc. There are several enzymes like carbohydrases, proteases and phytase which aids better digestion. “Anfazyme Premium” is one the best swine feed enzymes which aid better digestion and removes harmful bacteria for a faster and healthier growth.

  1. Improves feed efficiency.
  2. Improves flock production and uniformity.
  3. Better digestion of feed.
  4. Improves dietary content and metabolize energy.
  5. Improves FCR and growth.

For Horse & Equine

Regular use: 10gm-30gm/Animal/Day.
Through Feed: 1Kg/Ton of feed.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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