Horse electrolyte supplement

Heat Stress, also known as heat exhaustion which is typically occurs when there is excess loss of fluids and electrolytes from the body in the form of sweating. It is caused due to high temperatures or stress. If a horse or equine exercise for a long period of time vital fluids and electrolytes are moved out from the body. Excess sweating in the body cause an imbalance of electrolytes in the body. Loss of essential fluids from the body can negatively affect the health of horses and equines.


Mucous membranes may feel dry.
Muscles soreness.
Joint pain.
These are the symptoms which are caused due to the lack of electrolyte from the body. In order to tackle this situation, there is a need of external electrolyte supplement which helps in replenishing the lost nutrients in the body. “Concelyte Pro” is an essential supplement for this which is used for this situation. It is composed of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium and another vital electrolyte supplement.

  1. Maintains the electrolyte balance.
  2. Rehydrates the body during summer.
  3. Improves immunity.
  4. Prevent dehydration.
  5. Energizes the body.

For Horse & Equine

Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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