Horse Immunity Supplement

Immune system is an essential part in the body which protects the body from the attack of microbes and pathogens. Better immune system provides better immunity that helps in providing better health and body well-being. It is a complex and specialized system of organs, tissues, cells which are devoted to the surveillance, detection, defensive and elimination of foreign pathogenic agents. With the elimination of pathogens from the body it makes it body healthier and better disease resistance. Better feed is able to provide the desired nutrients to the body which improves and boost the immune system. It is advised to use supplement along with the feed which enhances the better functioning of the system. But now the feed is not sufficient in providing the nutrients to the body we can use feed supplement which maintains the level of vitamins and minerals in the body. Other than this we also use immunity booster supplement which enhances the immune system. Stressnill is a widely used supplement for this as it is composed of natural immunity booster with added advantage of vitamin-E & Selenium. It improves the immunity and gives strength and vitality to animals.

  1. Boost the immunity.
  2. Gives strengths and vitality to animals.
  3. Helps in tolerating extra stress.
  4. Enhance fertility.

For Horse & Equine

Or, as directed by consultants.

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