growth promoter liquid.

Growth and development which is an important factor for goat and sheep that really matters to them. These animals are mainly farmed for their milk, meat, wool and other products. Better growth to them are achieved by the feed which they take as it provides all the vital nutrients and mineral that boost growth. Other than this these vitamin and mineral helps in stimulating the body for better growth and health. It is a complex interaction between the genetic potential of animal, with several hormones and nutrients supply. This complexity manipulates the growth and development. In order to increase the health and boost up the growth we can use external growth promoter liquid that helps in managing the nutrients in much effective way. Anfagrow Plus, an effective goat growth supplement which aids in manipulating health and development of the body. This vital growth supplement has nutritional value of different nutrients which stimulates the growth. Other than growth these supplements aids other valuable benefits to the body.

  1. Removes vitamin deficiency and malnutrition’s.
  2. Reduces mortalities.
  3. Helps in faster growth and body development.
  4. Increase body weight.
  5. Better Fertility.
  6. Improved feed conversion ratio.

For Goats & Sheep

Goat Kids & lambs: 5ml-10ml/Day.
Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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