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Liver is an essential organ which is very vital for the body that helps in better working of the body and other organs in the body. It enhances the health and promotes better development of the body. Liver works as a shield to the body which protects form illnesses and another external microorganism attack. It also helpful in removing the toxic material from the blood. In addition, it secretes bile which is a type of enzyme that helps in the breakdown of the feed and extraction of vital nutrients which enhances the health and better development of the body. For the working of liver in excellent manner it requires different nutrients and minerals for its optimum working. Any insufficiencies in nutrients can cause unhealthy liver condition and affects it working. To defeat these harmful liver condition and way back the function in normal state we have to use liver tonic which helps in better working of the liver that helps in enhancing the health of the body. “Liv Pro Plus” is widely used liver supplement which composition contains all the imperative supplements that are wanted for the liver and its working. Alongside this it benefits the body from multiple points of view.

  1. It is a hepato-protective formula which can be used in all condition.
  2. Prevents liver disease due to fat metabolism.
  3. Helps in regenerating damaged hepatocytes.
  4. Helps in increasing metabolic activities .
  5. Increase weight and feed efficiency.
  6. Better Feed Conversion Ratio.
  7. Enhance Fertility.

For Goats & Sheep

For Goat Kid & Lamb: 5gm-7gm/Animal/Day.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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