goat and sheep herbal health medicines

Goat & Sheep an important farm animal that are mainly farmed for their milk, meat and wool. These products are base of economy. Better quality of these products is availed by the better health of the animal which can be achieved with proper supplementation of the feed. Apart from these there are many diseases and health related problem that these animal face. They need a proper healthy environment for their better health and growth. For this they need various types of vitamin and mineral for their better health. Their deficiency in the body causes many problems like diarrhoea, low health growth etc. An unhealthy goat is not so able to take feed to overcome from the health problem. There is a need of external feed supplement which overcome these deficiencies and promotes growth. Cough Plus is an essential herbal tonic which is a blended mixture of many herbal extracts of berberis aristata, vitis vinifera, origanum vulgare, olea europea with added vitamins. This herbal goat tonic is so efficient to the body as it replenishes the desired nutrient requirement and promotes health.

  1. Prevents and control diarrhoea.
  2. Removes bacterial infections.
  3. Prevent growth of CRD.
  4. Increase survivability rate.
  5. Better FCR.
  6. Reduce stress.

For Goats & Sheep

For Goat Kids & Lambs: 5ml-10ml/Animal/Day.
Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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