Veterinary liver supplement and tonic for goat and sheep

Goats and sheep are the main farming animals which are base of economy as they are farmed for their milk, meat and wool. For this their body needs a lot of vitamin and minerals for better quantity and quality of these products. Better nutrition provides better products along with better health. These vital vitamins and nutrients are achieved by the feed which the animals take. Along with the feed it must be digested properly in the rumen which helps in the extraction of vital nutrients from the feed and promotes better health. Along with this it also metabolize liver function which aids in this. Liver is an essential organ that improves the working of other organs in the body. For a better digestion and function of liver there is a need of best liver supplement which can improves the liver condition by which it promotes the health of other organs that increases health and growth. We can use “Digest Plus” for this which aids in this situation. It consist of choline chloride, inositol, biotin etc. essential elements which helps in metabolizing and stimulating better health.

  1. It is a hepato protective formula that can be used in all condition.
  2. Prevents the liver diseases.
  3. Regenerates damages hepatocytes.
  4. Increase body weight.
  5. Results in better FCR.
  6. Improves feed efficacy.
  7. Enhance fertility.

For Goats & Sheep

3ml-4ml/20kg body weight/ 5-7 Days.
Goat Kids & Lambs: 1ml-2ml/20kg body weight /5-7 Days.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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