Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin is an essential nutrient which is vital and important for goat, sheep, lamb and goat kids for their better health and body development. In all types of vitamin compounds, Vitamin B is very important. It is important because it stimulates different metabolic activity of the body and its process. In these it further breakdown into two Vitamin B compounds which are also very crucial. Vitamin B1 & Vitamin B12 are the two vitamin compounds. For a normal body activities and carbohydrate metabolism there is a vital need of Vitamin B1 (thiamine) which helps in breakdown of carbohydrates. A healthy goat takes what it needs every day and excretes the rest from the body. In this case it doesn’t store vitamin-B in the body. When a goat is sick it usually stops taking feed and water. With this the production of vitamin B in the rumen got affected and the metabolic activity rate goes down as there is an inadequate amount of vitamin B by which brain swells and cells starts dying. To overcome from these diseases and provides better amount of vitamin B in the body there is a need of vitamin b complex which helps in recovering from these deficiencies. Power Plus is one of the best Vitamin B complex which contains all the vital vitamins with other nutrients.

  1. Prevents Muscular dystrophy and prevention against pyrosis.
  2. Improves general health and disease resistance.
  3. Works as stress reliever.
  4. Improves body weight.
  5. Enhance fertility .

For Goats & Sheep

Goat Kids/Lambs: 5ml-10ml/Day.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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