goat and sheep calcium supplement

Calcium is a basic and most important element which is required by the body for a better health and development of the body. This element helps in enhancing muscles and tissues with enhancing the development of bones and skeletal structure. The requirement of this is widely needed in young growing animals. In goat and sheep it is widely used for the better development and growth as they are farmed for their milk, meat and wool. The requirement of calcium is fulfilled by the feed which they eat regularly. Feed provides basic nutrients that are needed by the body for the better development. Unavailability of calcium in the body can cause many severe health related issues and problems that can alter the growth rate. This occurs when the feed is unable to provide the required nutrient to the body in the right quantity. To overcome from this severe condition there is need of proper supplementation of calcium with other nutrients that can helps in better growth. For Calcium use can use “Calavian” a highly bioavailable calcium supplement for goat and sheep that helps in improving calcium deficiency and boost better health and body development. This fundamental calcium supplement contains calcium gluconate, calcium D saccharate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 which are the most vital elements for the body.

  1. Highly concentrated source of calcium for better result.
  2. Less quantity required and faster mixing .
  3. Faster growth and better body weight.
  4. Helps in recovering from osteomalacia.
  5. Removes stunted growth and leg weakness.
  6. Boost milk production.

For Goats & Sheep

Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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