Herbal Milk Enhancer Supplement for cattle

Better health of cattles ensures better fertility and reproduction in cattles. This is the main by which new animal is born. In cattle just reproduction or giving birth to babies there is retained placenta and retention of foetal membrane which is one of the common cause of diseases in the body. With the retained placenta inside the body it can cause major and severe health related problems inside the body. Major diseases which can be caused by this are hormonal imbalances, metritis, endometritis, pyometra, enlarged foetus, uterine torsion that causes retention in cows. There should be a multiple treatment to tackle this problem and to get rid out of this to ensure a better health of cattles. In case of Metritis there is inflammation in the uterus caused due to the bacterial infection, which occurs most commonly after calving. This can range from severe to mild which can be life threatening. We can use uterine tonic which can benefit the health of uterus and removes the infection and inflammation. We use “Utro Fit” which can manage the infection and inflammation and cures many severe diseases like metritis, endometritis and pyometra. It is a herbal formulation of banbusa arudinase, solanum xanthocarpum, Cirtullus colocynthis, Piper longum etc which in combination makes it a powerful medicines for this. It can benefit the body in many ways.

  1. To facilitate expulsion of retained placenta.
  2. As prophylactic after parturition for secretion of Lothal discharge, timely involution of uterus and post – partum oestrus.
  3. For treatment of metritis, endometritis and pyometra.
  4. For treatment of anoestrus and repeat breeding.
  5. To restore milk production associated with uterine disorders.

For Cattles & Buffaloes

100-125 ml.
The dose should be administered orally twice daily for 4–5 days after parturition. In case of retention of placenta, the dose should be tripled and repeated after every three hours until the foetal membranes are expelled out.

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