Herbal Milk Enhancer Supplement for cattle

Liver is a vital organ available in the body which is helpful in providing better health and maintaining metabolic activities of other organs. It helps in detoxification of harmful toxic substance to get rid out of this. Liver is involved in metabolism, detoxification and digestion. Better digestion provides better nutritional value from the feed and promotes the better health. We can also use external cattle feed supplements (Link of cattle health products) which ensures better health. In the process of detoxification and metabolic activities several types of stress and damages liver suffers. To overcome from this there is a need of better supplement for liver which aids in removing the stress and liver problems, because if left untreated it can cause heavy damages to liver which can cause severe problems like anorexia, indigestion, weight loss, stress condition and in worst case “organ failure” or even death. We can use “Anfaheap” is highly recommended liver powder which contains various substance like chlorine chloride, inositol, biotin, vitamin E etc. With the consumption of this on daily basis it benefits the body in many ways.

  1. It is a hepato protective formula which can be used in all condition.
  2. Prevent liver disease due to fat metabolism.
  3. Better feed efficiency and better body weight.
  4. Improves better functioning of liver.

For Cattles & Buffaloes

Regular Use: 10gm-30gm/Animal/Day.
Through Feed: 1Kg/Ton of feed.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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