Herbal Milk Enhancer Supplement for cattle

Iron is an essential nutrient that is vitally needed for the cattle which can improves health to a larger extent. It is used for the many physical process and increase the production of haemoglobin in the blood and myoglobin in the muscles. These substance helps in binding the oxygen and transport it throughout the body. It also helps in optimum growth and conversion of nutrition for the general fitness of the animal. Iron is especially needed in young growing calves as by birth the level of iron is low in the body and to stay healthy iron supplementation is important. Iron helps in the formation of better tissues and cells. Its deficiency in the body can cause severe health related problems. It is characterised by weight loss, loss of appetite, poor growth rate. To overcome from the deficiency and symptom we use external iron supplement along with the feed which can removes all the deficiency and provides better health. “Feton” is a recommended iron supplement which can aids in this. It is a revolutionary hematinic tonic which is a unique combination of Ferric ammonium citrate, chelated copper sulphate, cobalt chloride, biotin, folic acid etc which consumption regularly can benefit the body in may ways.

  1. Increase blood formation.
  2. Improves the haemoglobin content in the blood.
  3. Enhance fertility and body growth.
  4. Support in maintaining red blood cells.
  5. Folic acid in this promotes growth of red blood cells.
  6. Vitamin-H helps to cure fatty liver syndrome.
  7. Vitamin B-12 helps in better growth.

For Cattles & Buffaloes

Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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