Herbal Milk Enhancer Supplement for cattle

Dairy animals like cows or buffaloes are basically used for the production of milk. The feed which is given to them decides the quality and quantity of milk production. This feed is essentially imperative to them as it gives vitality, health and body development to them. Whenever dairy animals become ill, the utilization of feed goes low which raises the utilization of energy in the body and consequently brings down the milk generation to save energy. If the energy remains low in the body if affects the overall production and reproductivity. To overcome from these health problems there is a need of proper quality and quantity of feed. For a healthy and profitable dairy animal, balanced quality and quantity of feed are utilized with concentrates of nutrients, minerals, and proteins. We can increase the nature of feed by utilizing mineral mixture which gives essential supplementation that can help in better development and milk production. Other than this we can use "Doodh Vardhak" an herbal milk enhancer supplement which helps in increasing the milk production. This herbal milk enhancer contains many herbs like Lepidium sativum, leptadenia retculata, cedrus deodara, whitania somnifera and other many herbs with the added advantage of mineral and vitamins to regulate normal body function, better health and performance.

  1. Immediate restoration of milk production in animals.
  2. It brings normal milk production.
  3. Facilitates smooth let down of milk in case of calf death.
  4. Treats enlargement of teats after milking.
  5. Increase milk production in animals yielding normal quantities.

5 Tablets or 5gms powder 2 to 3 times daily for 5 days, for non-specific milk drop.
In case of calf death 10 Tablets or 10gms powder 3 times a day for 5 days.
In case of reduced milk production seen after recovery from mastitis infections 5 tablets or 5gms. Should be given for 10-15 day along with tablet or powder.

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