Herbal Milk Enhancer Supplement for cattle

Growth Promoters are substance that are generally added to the feed of animals which improves feed utilization and growth of farm animals like cows, buffaloes, livestock etc. These promoters are used by the producers which increase growth rate and overall efficiency, productivity and product quality. The most used growth promoter are feed additives which are used along with the feed. These feed additives benefit the body in many ways. It helps the animals in digesting the feed in more effective way by which maximum benefits and vital nutrients can be extracted from the feed. These growth promoters also help in stimulating the immune system and also aids in reduction of gastrointestinal infection and increase in muscles weight. Bovi Grow XL, an excellent growth promoter supplement for cattle which contains proteins, amino acids, trace minerals etc. With the regular consumption of this excellent growth promoter supplement it helps the body in many ways.

  1. Improves the immunity.
  2. Effective in removing vitamin deficiency and malnutrition’s.
  3. Reduces mortalities.
  4. Acts as a supportive therapy in cases like molting, anorexia, fatty liver etc.
  5. Better digestion of feed.
  6. Better metabolism and tissue building.

For Cattles & Buffaloes

Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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