Camel Vitamin And Mineral Supplement

Vitamins and mineral are the two main elements which are responsible for providing better health and growth to the body of camel. There deficiency in the body leads to many severe health problems and lowers the organ function. Vitamins and minerals are the building block for a healthier body. Although the need is essential for all animal but the requirement is high in young and growing camel kids as they need it most for a better growth. Vitamin and mineral serve a variety of structural and metabolic function in the body and it can be found in bines, muscles, tissues and fluids. In camel these elements are fulfilled by the feed which they take as it provides all the nutritional value that are required by the body. Along with the feed we externally provide vitamin and mineral supplement which replenish the nutritional value of these mineral. For this we can use “Vitagin” an essential feed supplement which helps in replenishing vitamin in the body. It is a combination of Vitamin A, D3, E, copper, iodine, cobalt and such high valuable minerals that aids better health and growth.

  1. Improves milk yield.
  2. Better body growth.
  3. Increase health and boost immunity.
  4. Improves body strength.
  5. Enhance stress bearing capacity.

For Camels

For Camel Kids: 15gm/Animal.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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