Camel feed trace mineral supplement

The necessity of mineral in the body is very vital as it helps in maintaining a sound health and body growth. Better availability of minerals in the body helps in proper development and removes severe diseases and health related issues. Better mineral availability helps in better metabolic activity and stimulation of different organ to perform better. These minerals are gained by the feed which camel eats. With the proper digestion of the feed in the rumen helps in the extraction of vital minerals and nutrients of the feed and get it absorbed in the rumen for the better health. But along with the feed there is a need of external trace mineral supplement which helps in fulfilling the mineral requirement to the body. Some of the major mineral supplement that are vitally required are selenium, Zinc, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and iodine which prevents the body from any deformities and diseases. Anfaboost ATM Pro, is a widely used trace mineral supplement which is used among camels for removing the mineral deficiency and promoting better health. This vital feed supplement consists of vital available minerals like cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium etc which achieve better metabolic and stimulating action in body and organs for a better health and body development. ATM Pro offers superior bioavailability of trace minerals and is stable in presence of other chelating agents.

  1. Boost immune system and response that facilitates rapid recovery from diseases.
  2. Increase bone and skeletal strength.
  3. Removes mineral deficiency .
  4. Remove all kind of stress.
  5. Increase survival rate, growth and FCR.

For Camels

Each Course, Continuously for 7-10 Days.
Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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