Camel Liver Feed Supplement

Liver is a vital organ that helps in stimulating and metabolizing different organs for promoting a better health. It helps the body to fight against diseases for proper growth. A healthy liver is very efficient in managing all these function and metabolic activity. To achieve this there is a need of proper supplementation along with the feed which provides all the nutrients that are required for a better functioning of liver. As, for a liver it aids in detoxification of the body by which many harmful toxins and wastes are excreted out from the body. It involved in metabolic activity, secretion of harmful toxins, detoxification and production. During the liver function it undergoes several types of stress, strain and damages which lowers the health and with each passing time it negatively affect body and creates anorexia, indigestion, and stress condition. To recover from the negative effect there is a need of proper liver supplement which helps in curing the harmful effect to liver and promotes its better functioning. Anfahep is an excellent liver protective powder which contains all the vital elements that ensures better functioning of liver. It acts as a anti-stress to counteract stress and damages to liver which is caused due to vaccination, transportation, change in feed, weather, deworming etc. Proper utilization of Anfahep along with the feed provides many health benefits.

  1. It is a hepato-protective formula for all general condition.
  2. Prevents liver disease due to fat metabolism.
  3. Regenerate damaged hepatocytes.
  4. Better Feed Conversion Ratio.
  5. Higher feed efficiency.
  6. Increases fertility.
  7. Improves metabolic activity.

For Camels

Each Course, Continuously for 7-10 Days.
Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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