Camel Phytogenic immunity powder

Phytogenic feed additives an essential part which help in enhancing the immune system in camels for achieving better health and growth. Immunity plays an important role in providing better health to the body as it stimulated different body function and makes the body disease free. A better immune system provides a better resistance from diseases and attacks of external pathogens, bacteria, viruses which tries to invade the body. When there is lack of vital nutrients in the body there seems a lower function and metabolic activity which affects the entire health condition. When it gets affected it makes the body vulnerable to attack of external attacks of viruses or pathogens. Immunity is affected by many factors like natural exposure, vaccination, physical stress etc. To ensure the body from affecting from pathogens and makes the immunity stronger there is need of better supplement which provides all the vital nutrients which makes the immunity stronger. For improving the immunity, we use “Fertimon” an essential phytogenic immunity supplement. It contains natural herbs that helps in improving the immunity and making the body more stronger and disease resistance. It is a special mixture of selective herbs which works as immunity modulator, growth promoter, blood purifier etc.

  1. Faster growth and better body weight.
  2. Better and stronger immunity.
  3. Controls sub clinical infections.
  4. Better Feed Conversion ratio.
  5. Less need of antibiotics.
  6. Better fertility and sexual maturity.

For Camels

50gm/Animal, 7 day each time.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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