camel health bolus bovi arb

Bolus a fast and easy method for providing all the vital vitamin and mineral to camels. It is a combination of vital mineral and vitamins and other vital nutrients that are helpful in providing better health and growth to the body. It is very easing in giving as it comes in bolus form which makes it easy to consume. Bovi ARB is one of the all-rounder boluses which provide better health and removes all kinds of deficiency from the body. It aids in providing various vitamin and minerals to the body and also works as an immunity booster. It composed of stabilized compound of essential organic minerals and vitamins with added advantage of natural immunity stimulants and herbal galactagogues. With the consumption of this bolus it benefits the body in many ways and ultimately provides a better health and growth.

  1. Improves health and growth.
  2. Cures poor growth.
  3. Removes poor appetite.
  4. Removes vitamin and mineral deficiency.

For Camels

2 Bolus/day.
Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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