Camel feed toxin binder Anfatox pro

Toxins are the harmful substance that negatively affects the health and growth in camel. It creates an imbalance in working of organs that stimulates and metabolise body. These are many fungi that grows on the feed when the feed is kept under damped condition or without proper storage place. Pollution, microbes and humid areas are also the reason behind this which contaminate the feed with these toxins. The level of harmful effect depends upon the length of time the feed is consumed, level of contamination etc. The risk of mycotoxins is nearly unavoidable as they are the most available toxic elements that are found everywhere. To remove all the toxin from the feed and water and getting the health of camel to improve there is a need proper supplementation along with the best feed toxin binder that helps in removing the toxin from the feed and also aids better health by removing the effects that are caused due to the toxins. “Anfatox Pro” an essential toxin binder which binds the toxins from the feed as it is composed of MOS, bacillus subtilis, Propionic acids, acetic acids, citric acids which are very vital in removing the toxins and promotes a better health. With the consumption of this along with the feed benefits the body in much healthier and better way.

  1. Manages the toxin and controls broad spectrum of moulds.
  2. High efficacy towards polar and non-polar mycotoxins.
  3. Prevents growth of moulds.
  4. Improves liver function and prevents fatty liver syndrome.
  5. Selectively absorbs toxins.

For Camels

Regular use: 500gm-1kg / ton of feed.
Treatment: 2kg/ton of feed.
Toxin binder+Acidifier 2Kg/ton feed.

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