Calf immunity tonic, cattle immunity supplement

Immunity an important factor for animals as it ensures a better health and growth to them. Better immunity provides a better resistance from diseases to the body. But in some cases, immunity get affected due to several reason which makes the body prone to different external attacks of viruses or pathogens. The ability of cattle to protect themselves from diseases and external virus attacks is amazing and better immunity is provided by better supplementation and feed. It is affected by many factors like natural exposure, vaccination, physical stress etc which lowers the immunity. To ensure the body from external attack and makes the immunity stronger there is need of better supplement which provides all the vital nutrients which makes the immunity stronger. If the feed fails in this there is a need of external supplement which helps in removing the immunity problem. Seletonic is one of the best immunity booster supplements which is used for better this. This vital supplement consists advanced formulation of natural immunity booster with added advantage of Vitamin E and selenium for better immunity. With the consumption of this it provides benefits to the body in many ways.

  1. Boost the immunity .
  2. Give strength and vitality to animals .
  3. Provides extra tolerance against stress.
  4. Enhances fertility and early maturities.
  5. Enhance productivity and performance.
  6. Makes body disease resistance.

For Calves & Heifers

Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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