Cattle Mineral Mixture, Calves mineral supplements

Vitamins and minerals are the building blocks which helps in achieving better health and growth. These nutrients are needed by all kinds of animals and birds for their health. The requirement of vitamins and minerals are high in young growing animals like calf, heifer etc as they need it most during their growing stages. Minerals are required by animals for their metabolic function like growth, reproduction, health etc. An animal can’t synthesize the mineral inside their body. Feed is commonly used to animals but they don’t provide all the minerals that are required by the body in desired quantity. Lack of mineral quantity in the body can give rise to different health related issues to young animals like calf, heifers. In order to provide the desired mineral quantity to the body, there is a need for external mineral supplementation which is able to provide and replenish the requirement of mineral of the body. Level of minerals in the feed can vary from place to place which affects the mineral availability to the animals. Therefor there is a need to give proper supplementation with an adequate amount of mineral mixture in their ration. Vitagin is one of the best mineral mixture supplements for animals which is able to provide all the mineral supplement that is heavily required by the body. These vital feed supplements consist of many elements like cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium etc with added vitamins like A, D3 & E which makes it a perfect supplementation for animals. With the consumption of this, it provides many health benefits to the body.

  1. Helps in better health and growth.
  2. Enhance the Immune system and immunity.
  3. Improves growth rate of calves, hence early puberty.
  4. Enhance additional stress bearing capacity.
  5. Improves the efficiency of feed utilization.
  6. Makes the body more resistance to diseases.

For Calves & Heifers

Each Course, Continuously for 7-10 Days.
Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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