Cattle Calcium Supplements, Calcium Supplements

Calcium is a major element which is beneficial in providing stronger bones and teeth in animals. Their deficiency can give rise to painful bones or deformities may rise in the body or skeletal structure. Their deficiency can cause many health-related problems and affects the overall health and growth to them. It is extremely needed for young growing animals like calves, heifers as their requirement of calcium are high. This calcium is obtained by the milk with the calf or heifer takes from the mother cow. A healthy cow can provide a high quality of milk along with other vital nutrients which are extremely required for the body. So, for a better quality of milk for cows, there is a need for better milk enhancer supplement which increases the amount of milk in cows. Other than this there is feed which is used for providing the desired requirement of calcium to the body. To enhance the Quality of feed and provide better calcium we use external calcium supplement which is very helpful. Neutro CPD Granules which is an excellent feed supplement which provides calcium requirement with other vital nutrients. It contains many elements like phosphorus, Vitamin D3, Magnesium & Enzymes complexes which improves the overall body function and health. With the continuous uses of this supplement, its benefits in many ways.

  1. Removes calcium deficiencies.
  2. Improves body growth.
  3. Increase body weight.
  4. Improves body health and activeness.
  5. Helps in muscular and skeletal development.
  6. Makes body disease resistance.

For Calves & Heifers

Through Feed: 1Kg-2kg/Ton of feed.
Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.

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