Horse calcium supplement

Calcium is an important element which is helps in increasing bone strength and skeletal integrity in horses and equines. Better calcium value in the body helps in developing better muscle action, blood clotting, and a better nerve interaction within the body with a better catalyst function. The requirement of calcium is high in young and growing horse and equine as they need it most for better health. Low availability of calcium in the body can cause severe health issues with a low body growth and health. There is a continuously need of calcium supplement along with the feed which can lowers the calcium deficiency from the feed as the feed commonly lacks in these. To overcome from this situation there is a need of Horse calcium supplement which can help in removing the calcium inadequacies. “Neutro CPD Granules’ a vital calcium supplement along with enzymes which can improves health and very crucial in removing the calcium deficiency. It is a combination of calcium along with vital elements like calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D3 and enzyme complexes which not only recover calcium deficiency but also aids better digestion of the feed that ultimately promotes better health and growth of body.

  1. Removes Calcium Deficiency.
  2. Prevents rickets, osteomalacia, Stunted growth, Lameness and leg weakness.
  3. Enhance health and growth.
  4. Better Structural integrity and bone strength.
  5. Improves diseases resisting capacity.

For Horse & Equine

Regular use: 10gm-30gm/Animal/Day.
Through Feed: 1Kg/Ton of feed.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.

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