Camel Herbal Bloat Medicine

Bloating occurs when the gas is stuck inside the rumen of animals and it is generally produced during the process of digestion. When the gas can’t escape it cause indigestion and bloating. It is of two types. The least common type of bloat is gassy bloat which occurs when the passage is gets blocked by some object or when the animals can’t able to pass the gas. The second type of bloating is frothy bloat which happens from a stable foam that develops on top of the rumen liquid which blocks the passage of gas. It negatively affects the health and can cause severe health related problems leaving the feed undigested which is unable to provide the vital nutrients. To remove this gas and bloating there is need of proper digestion of the feed with external bloat medicine which can remove all the gases from the rumen and boost the digestion process. Gasgo is one of the herbal bloat medicines which can cures these symptoms. It is a herbal medicine which contains all the natural herbs which provide relief from these and aids better health. Many health benefits are associated with this.

  1. Provides quick and prompt relief from tympany and bloat.
  2. Brings back normalcy and makes rumen environmental ambient.
  3. Reduces the slime producing bacteria which is responsible for vicious ruminal contents and forth information.

For Camels

Or, advised by veterinarian consultants.

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